Poor Performance

Poor cleaning performance may be due to a single issue or a combination of several. Below are some of the most common cleaning performance issues, their causes and solutions.

Problem: Poor Cleaning Performance

Possible Cause: Improper Concentration

  • Neglect of the Cleaner Solution
  • Faulty Chemical Additions to the Cleaners
  • An Increased Soil Load

Solution: Test the cleaner and adjust to proper concentration levels

Possible Cause: Improper Temperature

  • Faulty thermostat
  • Faulty heating element
  • Scaling on heating element

Solution: Clear blockages, readjust or repair equipment

Possible Cause: Poor spray pressure or agitation

  • Broken equipment (pump impeller, risers, or air lines)
  • Improper spray pattern
  • Missing spray nozzles
  • Blocked spray nozzels
  • Maladjusted pressure regulator

Solution: Clear blockages, readjust and/or repair equipment

Possible Cause: Short-end time cycle

Solution: Readjust cycle timer

Possible Cause: Soils have changed

Solution: Eliminate new soils or re-evaluate cleaning compounds, concentrations, temperatures, etc.

Possible Cause: Tank life exceeded

Solution: Dump and recharge cleaning solution

Possible Cause: Rinse stage

Solution: Increase overflow rate

Possible Cause: Poor cleaning chemical quality

Solution: Replace with a quality product