Foaming During Cleaning

If you have a cleaner that over-foams during the cleaning process, it is may be the result of one or several issues. Below is a list of the most common causes and their solutions.

Possible Cause: You may have a faulty thermostat or heating element

Solution: Repair or replace the defective equipment

Possible Cause: Improper cleaner concentration

Solution: Adjust concentration of cleaner(s) to proper level for process

Possible Cause: Increased or too high pressure or agitation due to a faulty pressure or air regulator

Solution: Replace faulty pressure or air regulator

Possible Cause: Pump ingesting air

Solution: Fill to proper solution level and repair or readjust make-up water supply mechanism

Possible Cause: Soap forming

Solution: Eliminate soils containing animal fats or change cleaning chemicals

Possible Cause: Soft water in system

Solution: Add defoamer